Studien über Auswirkungen solarer- und geomagnetischer Aktivität

NASA Studie zur Auswirkungen auf die Bevölkerung (Orig. eng)

EXTENDED SUMMARY - Auszug A major power blackout, whether the result of severe space weather or severe terrestrial weather, has the potential to affect virtually all sectors of society: communications, transportation, banking and finance, commerce, manufacturing, energy, government, education, health care, public safety, emergency services, the food and water supply, and sanitation (Figure 7). The severity of the impacts depends on a number of variables, including the duration of the outage. The socioeconomic impacts of a long-term outage, requiring replacement of permanently damaged transformers, could be extensive and serious. According to an estimate by the Metatech Corporation, the total cost of a long-term, wide-area blackout caused by an extreme space weather event could be as much as $1 trillion to $2 trillion during the first year, with full recovery requiring 4 to 10 years depending on the extent of the damage. (For comparison, the total cost for the United States of the August 2003 blackout—a major non-space-weather-related blackout that affected 50 million people in the northeastern United States and Ontario—is estimated to have been between $4 billion and $10 billion.6)